Parent Organizations

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School has established both a Parent Guild and a Consultative School Board.  Both groups exist to support the school and are critical to the school’s viability, but they have very different functions.

Parent Guild

The main functions of the Parent Guild are to raise funds for the school’s current operational expenses, to promote parental support for the school program, and to increase mutual understanding between school and parents. The membership of the Parent Guild includes the pastor, the principal, the parents or legal guardians, and the faculty of the school. Parent Guild nominations are accepted during April and elections are held each May at the General Parent Meeting.  The Parent Guild meets the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM.  All parents are welcome to attend Parent Guild meetings; to place something on the agenda, please email the school principal one week prior to meeting.

2015-16 Parent Guild Members

  • Monsignor Stephen Downes, Pastor
  • Mrs. Karen Regan, Principal
  • Mrs. Nancy Coglizer
  • Mr. John Eck
  • Mrs. Rosie Gettman
  • Mr. Mauricio Gomez
  • Mrs. Teri Green
  • Mrs. Andra Macleod
  • Mrs. Anna Prober
  • Mrs. Pam Raisin
  • Mr. Miguel Unzueta

Consultative School Board

The Consultative School Board is incredibly supportive and plays an important role in the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Schoolcommunity. The general responsibilities of the Consultative School Board are in the following areas:· strategic planning; policy development; resource development; institutional advancement; advice and counsel with regard to financial planning, management and reporting; marketing of the school and evaluation of the board’s goals and activities.
The membership of the Consultative School Board includes the pastor, principal, current school parents (no more than one-third of the total membership), alumni parents, parishioners, members of the civic and local business community, and area educators.···The Consultative School Board acts as an advisory council to the administration and Pastor. Under Canon Law and Archdiocesan guidelines, the members advise the administrative team (pastor and principal) but cannot make decisions binding for the parish education program without the approval of the administrative team.· Consultative School Board members are appointed by the pastor and principal each year. ·Board meetings are held monthly.

2014-15 Consultative School Board Members

  • Monsignor Stephen Downes, Pastor
  • Mrs. Karen Regan. Principal
  • Mrs. Tracie Simolon
  • Mr. Peter DaRos
  • Mr. Eustachio Guadagnini
  • Mrs. Pam Langhorne, Chairperson
  • Mrs. Susan Pate
  • Mr. Todd Sullivan
  • Mrs. Beverly Van Wingerden, Secretary
  • Mrs. Diane Ziliotto