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Preschool: Kitchen Gift Basket

A baker's delight. The preschool has put together everything you will need to satisfy your sweet tooth. Shop, eat and bake utilizing the gift cards for Lazy Acres, Baskin Robins, Your Cake Baker and Sweet D's. Serve your desserts on the multi tiered plates hand made by the preschoolers featuring their cupcake art work. The basket also features a cook book, wine, coffee and cooking tools. Value $400

Auction Parents: Amy Dunn and Kaelynn Stiles


Kindergarten: Class Cross Photo

This year the kindergarten class helps us to remember our faith by having created this beautiful cross. Each kindergartner is pictured along with their classmates reminding us that they are part of a faith community making up the body of Christ.

This project will help them to remember their relationship with God and each other for years to come. It is printed in high definition directly on aluminum metal with a state-of-the-art finish applied.

A special thank you to photographer Bruce Simolon.

Auction Parents: Lisa Arroyo, Brian Simolon


1st: Stars and Stripes

“American Blessings” is a one of kind of artistic interpretation of the American Flag, created by Our Lady of Mount Carmel School 1st graders. Crafted on a 26” x 36” wood frame, the American flag’s stars and stripes were created with 520 red, white and blue popsicle sticks individually hand painted by our students. Embedded within the stars of the flag, you’ll find each of the 1st grade student’s signatures as a special remembrance of the graduating class of 2024. This piece of Americana heirloom art will be valued for generations.

Auction Parents: Jennifer Lovette and Natalie Stahl


2nd: Family Game Night

Get comfy and gather around for hours of game time fun.  Enjoy popcorn, candy, and soda pop while you get tied up in a game of TWISTER made by our second graders.  Have a chuckle and try your luck with a game of GUESS WHO featuring the zany dress of our second graders and teachers.  And if that’s not enough, find a partner and play a round of Shoot the Moon. Get together, put away your technology, and have some fun!  Value: $400.00

Auction Parents: Claire Swan, Janelle Parsons and Andrea Forry


3rd: Lets get grillin' with a Santa Maria Style BBQ

Take home this handmade Santa Maria style bbq (courtesy of Marborg) as well as chops, steaks, burgers and chicken (courtesy of Shalhoob Meat Co). Also includes leather bbq gloves, meat hook and handmade custom aprons and a chef hat made by our OLMCS 3rd graders!

Auction Parents: Gina Flint and Diane Beane


4th: Hand Dyed Quilt

The 4th grade class of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School was excited to try their hand in fiber arts and the century old Japanese resist dyeing technique of Shibori!

Each child was given a square of fabric and taught four ways of the traditional binding method. Using rubber-bands and wooden clothes pins, the children’s creativity ran wild with their binding techniques, truly inspiring! Keeping with Shibori tradition and school spirit, the children dipped their bound fabric squares in a vat of plant based Indigo dye. The result is an amazing collection of one of a kind blue and white patterns. With the generous help of grandparents from the classroom, the children’s individual designs were sewn together to create a collective piece sure to be a family heirloom! The quilt measures 6’ by 5’, is made of 100% cotton and all natural cotton batting. The reverse of the quilt is a hand dyed solid indigo, and is embroidered with the OLMCS logo and "4th Grade Class of 2016 - 2017".  This is a one of a kind piece the 4th grade class is sure you will want for your own!

Auction Parents: Melinda Trembly and Angela Lopopolo


5th: Dog House

Pamper your dog! This full-size Dog House will be just the house for your Pampered Pet. Solid construction hand made (By Steven Segal 5th grade father) wooden dog house made of the finest cedar, room for a large dog who will want to spend hours in your yard relaxing in his new home. The decorative dog face cut-out will provide great ventilation.  Finished with classic white paint and contrasting gray trim. The 5th grade students have decorated the roof with their signature names in paw print applications. The dimensions measures 30 inches wide, 36 inches deep and 40 inches tall. It  rests off the ground on solid wood legs. Any dog would appreciate a new house!!

Special thanks to Steven Segal for his talents and time in building this.

Auction Parents: Rosy Allison and Shawn Kiehn


6th: Custom Birch Framed Mirror

The sixth grade class has created a unique rustic mirror that is sure to add fun and adventure to any home. Each student is represented by their personalized brand that has been burned on to birch slices and arranged to frame the custom mirror. Don't miss the chance to take home this one of a kind item and have a special memory of your child's middle school years at Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Special thanks to Rochelle and Bryant Hicks

Auction Parents: Virginia Persoon and Amy Zoltoski


7th: A wine enthusiasts dream!

Enjoy entertaining and drinking wine with a custom made wine barrel wine storage rack topped with a marble lazy susan, stocked with 24 bottles of wine, a magnum bottle engraved with Mount Carmel logo, a set of 12 beautifully hand painted wine glasses and coasters hand molded by 7th grade students.   Salute!

Auction Parents: Gina Flint and Andrea Forry


8th: Class Memento

Each family in this tight-knit class will have the opportunity to take home their own copy of this special project. The seven students literally put their hands together to create this photograph. Their hands form a cross in silhouette then each student customized their photograph with an inspirational background of nature, storm clouds over the ocean or a cloud-filled blue sky. Each 8x10 color photo has a white wooden frame with stained glass inspired picture mat that was created individually by each student. It features a removable clear overlay of our school prayer. This is a special opportunity for the 8th grade families to have a memento of their time at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School.

Auction Parents: Virginia Persoon and Rochelle Hicks

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