Student Programs

Academic Chess

Boys and girls in grades Kindergarten through Eight are invited to participate in our after school Academic Chess program on Monday afternoons from 3:15-4:15.  Children who participate in this program are taught the merits of chess through storytelling, dance, and catchy songs.  Students who participate in the program develop critical thinking and problem solving skills; have better concentration and mental discipline; learn to strategize, analyze, and evaluate; gain confidence; and most of all, HAVE FUN!  Academic Chess is a non-profit organization that can be reached at 805-450-0097 or

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Altar Serving

Boys and girls in grades four through eight are invited to serve our parish and school in a most special way as Altar Servers.  Interested students must be Catholic and attend training sessions provided by the parish. Please contact the parish office at (805) 969-6868. 

Art Academy

Our art specialist, Mrs. Jennifer Buur, offers after-school art courses to students in grades K-8.  The classes run for 4 week sessions which cost $80.00 per student and a minimum of four students is needed for the program to be offered.  For more information please email Mrs. Buur directly at  Click here to download the program sign-up sheet


Our after school sports program provides the opportunity for girls and boys to investigate and participate in multiple sporting activities, in the convenient and safe environment of their own school. The sports program is for students in grades six through eight and offers boys and girls the opportunity to play basketball, soccer, track, football and volleyball. Please contact our Athletic Director, Mrs. Carly Van Eyck, at Specific information regarding each season and a league calendar can be found by clicking the "Sports" link on the Class Site section of our website.


The Our Lady of Mount Carmel School Band includes students in grades three through eight who have an interest in playing, or learning to play, an instrument. Band meets each Friday morning and performs at the annual Christmas program and Spring Concert. For more information, please contact our Band Director, Jocelyn Tipple, at

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Boy Scouts

Our Lady of Mount Carmel has a parish Cub Scout troop and Boy Scout troop.  Scouts participate in many fun activities including camping, badgework, hiking and service projects.  For more information contact school parents, Jay and Andrea Krautmann at or (805) 962-7065.

Cub Scout pack 108 information packet

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Beginning in Grade 3, students are eligible to join the choir. They may be invited to join or they may ask and audition. Members are selected based on an assessment of their classroom participation and behavior, their desire and enthusiasm, and their readiness to sing in parts.  The school chorus  sings at various school events, including the Christmas Program, school masses, community events, and occasional morning assemblies.  Please contact Mr. Robert Aswad, Music Teacher, at for more information.


Middle School Electives

Students in our Middle School (grades six through eight) participate in an electives program that offers them specialized instruction in Art and Computers.  Each course is a semester long and offers the students an opportunity to choose which area of interest suits them best.  This year's current computer offerings are Digital Photography and Desktop Publishing.  Please contact Mrs. Carly Van Eyck at for more information.  Art courses for our middle school students consist of Drawing and Painting in the first semester and Ceramics and Sculpture in semester two.  Mrs. Jennifer Buur, our art specialist can be reached at

School Families

Students in grades K-8 are participate in a community building program called "School Families," in which our 7th and 8th grade students serve as "parents," and our faculty and staff serve as "grandparents."  This wonderful program fosters a sense of community among the students and provides a sense of security to the youngest members of our school community.  Students gather as School Families to attend mass regularly, eat lunch together and participate in spirit building activities. 

Spanish Club

Students in grade PK-8 have the opportunity to learn Spanish in our afterschool Spanish Club.  The course is taught according to grade level and runs for 8-week sessions meeting one day per week.  Students will have the chance to learn Spanish in a fun way, including writing, listening, speaking, games, hands-on activities, music, and skits!  Spanish Club is run by Laura Heredia, a native Spanish speaker who has seven years of experience teaching Spanish to elementary school children.  Ms. Heredia can be emailed at  Click here for program fliers to find the day and time for your child's age group.  

Student Council

The Student Council at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School was established to develop leadership and responsibility through a cooperative effort of faculty and students in grades six through eight. The students learn the beginnings of the democratic process, moving toward more independence in the areas of initiative, school spirit and responsibility. The council consists of representatives of the total school population. They are responsible for student body assemblies as well as various other activities. The officers and representatives meet with the moderator who coordinates activities with both students and faculty.  Student Council elections occur every spring, during which students learn about the available offices, meet necessary academic requirements and obtain signatures to run, campaign, deliver speeches, and are voted into office by fellow students in grades three through seven.  For more information, contact Ms. Eun Kim, Student Council Moderator, at

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Writing Academy

Coming to OLMCS this February, Writing Academy is an after school academic program for first through fourth grade. Increase your child's writing skills with extra writing help during classes that will include writing contests, lessons, creative and engaging activities, as well as participation in Young Author's Night this Spring! Your child will fall in love with the fun that is had while learning at Writing Academy.


In this after-school program, children ages 5-8 learn yoga in a playful setting through age-appropriate postures (asanas), songs, stories, crafts,
and games.  Yoga helps develops strong, flexible bodies while fostering a calm and attentive mind.  It teaches children to love and respect themselves and others, builds self-esteem, develops self-control, and gives children tools for dealing with stress that they can use in their everyday lives.  For more information, contact Catrina Gomez at or click here to download the program flier.  Classes are held on Friday afternoons from 2:15-3:15.